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Armen Gyuloyan. The leader and senior coach of Parkour Academy.

Born in 1987. Education: journalist. Studied in Russian State University for the Humanities and Academy of Television and Radio.

General parkour teaching experience – since 2005. Active and permanent experience – since 2006. Experienced in martial arts (since 1993) and rock climbing.

Developed and introduced many parkour training techniques and programs. Created his own coach teaching course in accordance with which Moscow Parkour Academy’s training program is implemented.

Was a guest and administrator of many parkour workshops in Russia and abroad. Held and participated in many parkour events such as: Snickers Urbania 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011; Free Move Games 2011; Russian Rendezvous 2012 etc.

“… I’ve heard the word “parkour” in 2002 or 2003 for the first time. Those days I’ve been already practicing something very similar to parkour. This time I’ve became a cofounder of one of the first Moscow teams “Freeway”. In 2004 some my fellow traceurs and I created the first large union of “Beingles”. In 2006 I became a cofounder and head of the first registered non-commercial organization developing parkour and freerunning called “RFA” /Russian Freerun Association. Those days I also participated in shooting and presentation of the first winter parkour films called “Northern Star”. In 2010 I got A.D.A.P.T. Level 2 coach qualification in London.

2010 – cofounder of Moscow Parkour Academy.

2013 – cofounder of St. Petersburg Parkour Academy.

2014 – cofounder of Yerevan Parkour Academy.

Vlad Erovikov. coach, responsible for Parkour Academy’s special projects.

Born in 1992. Graduated from Russian State Geological Prospecting University n. a. Sergo Ordzhonikidzе, specialized in “Economics and Organization Management”.

Started parkour trainings in 2006. Parkour teaching experience – since 2009.

Highly developed physically, top movement techniques, stunts and acrobatics.

The winner of Moscow Redbull LGZ.

The creator of unique training systems for the beginners and experienced athletes.

Organized may trainings and workshops (since 2009) in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Ioshkar Ola, Naberezhnye Chelny, Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad etc. Europe: Italy, Germany, Switzerland. Participated in the judging of many parkour contests.

Has been working as a stuntman and coordinator at many shows, films, advertising.

About parkour: “...For me parkour is some practice, knowledge, school and social institution. It is a book with a large amount of information having answers to all your questions and which you want to reread all the time.

Constant obstacles overcoming is actually all our life. Parkour is one of the ways to fulfil your potential, to unleash yourself, to know what you are really able to do. If you made a step back let it be you run-up step...”.

Katerina Sorokotyaga. coach.

Born in 1990. Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychology faculty specialized as clinical psychologist. Experienced in rock climbing and martial arts besides parkour.

Major teaching goal: “…I’ve never been weak or unable to fight for myself. But I had some complexes, been not sure in myself, wanted to prove something to somebody. Parkour helped me to change, to change my life views. It helped me to be sure in myself, to be sure that you can change and you have power in some difficult situation. Not every girl coming to our trainings believes in herself. Not every girl is able to overcome herself in some scary thing and to become stronger. But I want to help them to do it, to help them starting improving themselves. It is not just about the body, which is actually important for a girl, but also about psychological conditions. The trainings help many girls to discover some opportunities they didn’t imagine, to see they are stronger and more purposeful than they thought. Firstly it helps you to prove yourself that you can. Then when this goal has been passed and is left behind, to start using your new skills for pleasure, to face new challenges and to fight them”.

Artem Sofronov. St. Petersburg Parkour Academy’s coach.

Born in 1990. Has been practicing parkour since 2006.

Teaching experience since 2011.

About parkour: “… Parkour is a multipurpose discipline that due to its variety and art of self-expression will suit to anyone regardless of age, gender or physical condition. There’s no limit in development until you state it yourself. The movement will express the practitioner truly, there’s no histrionics or hypocrisy in it”.

The main teaching goal: “…I think that parkour enables a person to express his inner potential, to perform natural activity, not using any expedient means. Only you and your training ground – the city”.

Valeriy Osipov. St. Petersburg Parkour Academy’s coach.

Born in 1991. Has been practicing parkour since 2008.

Teaching experience since 2012.

About parkour: “… Parkour is an opportunity to become stronger, faster, more self-assured. In parkour there’s only you, your goal and your fears you need to fight. With every next jump, every next fear you overcome you will feel your thoughts and body better, and this skill is necessary to everyone not only for trainings but also for everyday life”.

The main teaching goal: “Parkour enables a man to show himself, his will power. I help people to show their strength, to make them stronger and to achieve their goals through movement”.