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About us

Today Parkour Academy is one of the most experienced teaching organizations in the world and the largest one in the post-Soviet countries. It was founded in Moscow in 2010 and has branches in St. Petersburg and Yerevan (Armenia).

Parkour Academy is the only organization in Russia and CIS that has an international coach certificate A.D.A.P.T. Level 2.

Major activity:

  • Parkour teaching.
  • Holding workshops and master classes.
  • Movement techniques research.
  • Selection of the best and most successful ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Development and introduction of training methods and programs.
  • Studying psychological aspects and parkour influence on personal growth.
  • Teaching and certification of parkour coaches.
  • Organization and holding of parkour events.
  • Organization and holding of shows.
  • Consultation and expert assessment.
  • Parkour knowledge base creation.
  • Shooting parkour tutorials.

Brief background.

The Academy made its first steps in 2004 when some of our today’s coaches just started their teaching activity. The first traceurs teaching union “Bewingles” was created those days. In 2006 this group became legal and changed its name into RFA (Russian Freerun Association) that made parkour teaching its crucial activity. It resulted into the logical and natural change of name in 2010. That’s how Moscow Parkour Academy appeared and launched its own training program in March 2011.